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MACTOUB Photo Books is an independent publishing company set up by photographer Mark McEvoy. After over 30 years of travelling and pursuing photographic projects, he felt it was time to start compiling some of his work into book form and help like-minded photographers do the same.


These days the challenge of getting an interested publisher on board is a daunting one, with many book publishers expecting photographers to cover the costs of production. With the accessibility of self-publishing and the ever improving quality control and lower costs of digital technology, an opportunity presented itself to take full control of the book making process from concept and design all the way through to print. It was a long and rewarding learning curve.


The first book published by MACTOUB is RANDOM IMPULSES,

a collaboration between poet James C. Floyd and Mark McEvoy, merging words and photographs to create a free flowing philosophical and introspective stream of consciousness.

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